operations marketing team

Your Special Operations Marketing Team

Your Special Operations Marketing Team

If there was ever an industry needing a makeover, it’s the advertising and marketing communications world. It’s often cumbersome, expensive, and creatively predictable. We’re not looking to compete with the entrenched armies needing to feed the beast across multiple offices, forcing work down the food chain, and answering to stockholders looking for a return.

We view the world differently. We’re more of a nimble special operations team, taking on varied assignments with a goal-based point of view, charted differently, and executed quickly.

At Atlantic Strategies, we deliver guidance, unvarnished coaching, and advertising and marketing services that make sense and make an impact. We want you to make waves !

Two men on a boat in the ocean.

Working with People Wanting Change

Atlantic Strategies only works with entrepreneurial leaders at organizations wanting change. We invest in people and technology, not in unnecessary overhead. Our fees are “value-based:” rather than time-based. Our clients range from dynamic start-ups to well-known multinational corporations. We work across a range of industries, from financial services and healthcare to biotechnology, manufacturing, consumer goods, higher education, utilities, and consumer products.

Get in Touch With Us

If you have a tough assignment, need more resources, or just want to toss around some new ideas, we’re on your side. We engage with clients and partners on both sides of the Atlantic. We even operate from a boat on the Boston Harbor because work should be fun. If you’re ready to chart a new course, hail us any time. [email protected]