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Meet our CEO:

CEO & Founder Richard (Rick) McKenna

CEO & Founder Richard (Rick) McKenna

Rick McKenna has spent more than 25 years advising executives and creating marketing programs for entrepreneurial-led companies of every size. His firm Atlantic Strategies works primarily with consumer, healthcare, financial services, IT & AI, green and blue tech, energy, and higher education organizations. Rick spends a good portion of his time acting as a “trusted advisor” to business owners and executives to guide them during periods of transition, branding, and on all aspects of digital and traditional marketing and sales. His persona belief that it’s better to outsmart competitors rather than outspending them. He recently launched his own mobile app product, Manage My Things, that helps homeowners create and securely share photo-based inventories of all their things for estate planning, insurance, downsizing and charitable donations.

Rick helps with naming, brand development, and national and international strategic marketing. Over the years, he has been on teams that worked on Harvard Kennedy School, Iron Mountain, Boston PrIvate Bank, Keurig, Monster.com, SolidWorks, Hatteras Yachts and even the world’s first wireless LAN transceiver for Clarion Corp in Japan.   He is currently branding a new venture capital firm that invests in technologies intended to solve world hunger; he is   supporting rebranding work for a global medical device company; promoting a Northern Ireland based economic development initiative; developing a web and video platform for a large commercial electric company; and supporting M&A activity for a national accounting and advisory firm.  Within his advisory practice he’s helping a client rethink the multibillion-dollar wedding industry, advising an AI company on their product launch, and supporting the US launch of an Israeli-based surgical device.

Rick and his technical partners developed a proprietary mobile app “Manage My Things” to help solve several critical problems that most US adults have - - no will or estate plan and that 2 out of every 3 homes is underinsured. Rick is a frequent speaker about contemporary marketing issues and entrepreneurship such as Entering America, digital transformation, the generational transfer of business and brand, and prospect conversion.

Rick holds an MS from Boston University’s College of Communication and a BA from Boston College. He sits on the boards of The McAuliffe-Shepard Center, a museum and education center devoted to space and STEM careers; SoSure Software in Denmark; is past president and currently a board member of The British American Business Council; sits of the ‘GBH Corporate Executive Council; and is a former vice chairman of the board of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Rick and his wife Colleen are avid boaters often work from aboard their boat “Legacy” berthed at Constitution Marina on the beautiful Boston Harbor.